Charles Kettering said, about the new year, "Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress". With this sensible advice in mind, I plan to move forward with a hopeful spirit and a creative force, and hopefully guide some others along the way!

With the holidays so swiftly behind us, I finally found a peaceful moment to reflect on this past year. Wow, it's been a rapidly changing one, that's for sure! In May, I left my casino job, with confidence that I would start my own business (Check!), and find another full time, more rewarding day job. That proved harder than I ever imagined! I finally, after 7 months, found a job. I will be the Catering Coordinator at Panera Bread. The early morning hours there will leave me lots of time to continue with my real love, PAINTING PARTIES!! I won't bore you too much with my personal life, but I'm SOOO incredibly proud to announce that over the holidays, I gained a daughter-in-law!! My son, who is in the USAF and is stationed in Japan, got hitched while his girlfriend was visiting him......and they did it on Christmas Day! I couldn't be happier. She is a lovely, smart and beautiful girl and they are so content and in love!

ANYWAY, let's talk about painting! November and December were pretty slow for Paint the Town, but I did do a few private parties that were a blast! In November, I did my first kid's party. I loved this group of girls! They were so confident and enthusiastic! I could hardly keep up with them!! The owl paintings that they did were amazing!!! Thank you, Kim!

I also did a family painting party. It was so sweet. Erin wanted to surprise her family with a painting of her grandmother's lake house, where the family spent their summers. So, I worked with her and the photos that she sent me to come up with a custom painting. Only a few members of the family knew what they were going to be doing. So, it was a great surprise when they walked in and found out that they would be creating something so personal and unique! What a lovely family!

The Cooper Family!!

The Cooper Family!!

Megan and a group of old friends got together to celebrate the season, by painting a snowman. They were so much fun! They even surprised themselves with how well they did!! My favorite part of doing these painting parties is at the beginning when someone (many, actually!) approach the canvas with trepidation and skepticism about their ability, and then they create this amazing piece of artwork!! It's rewarding to see the transformation!! I love to hear where everyone is going to hang their paintings, too. It reminds me that this wasn't just about the experience, but it was also about the pride of ownership and ability, and that the end product is something personal and unique! (I'll post a photo here when I get one).

Thank you ALL for a fantastic year! I couldn't have this amazing job without the support of my friends, old and new, and family, who are my pillars of strength and biggest supporters! Happy 2015!!

AuthorBarbara Duerr