Wow! The last few painting parties have reminded me how lucky we are to live in this spectacular, little santuary of a village. Two weeks ago, we had a great event on the front lawn of a home that was auspiciously situated across from Oak Grove Beach in Niantic! The sun was setting and displaying a memorable panorama of color to paint by.It never gets tiring, that view!Terry was a gracious host, along with her friends that were having a blast on their (yearly?)"Girls Week". Again, I was overwhelmed by the transformation from the unsurity that some feel about their artistic abilities, to the confident display of artwork at the end! And they even invited Jordan and I to hang out lovely! AND THE FOOD WAS AMAZING!!

When a neighbor walked by and got the idea to host a party of her own, I was so excited! What better than to stay in the neighborhood? So, she called the next day and asked if I could do a painting of the walkway onto Oak Grove Beach. I whipped that up the next day, and set the date for the next painting party ON Oak Grove Beach!!!! And it proved to be another perfect summer day! Despite the wind, that kept knocking over paintings, palettes and easels, the talented girls we had that night, persevered!! And this was NOT an easy painting. The beach scene was probably the hardest one so far! You'd never know from looking at the finished works!!! Anyone looking at these beauties would surely be convinced that these ladies were seasoned pros!

To top off this week, we did a much anticipated painting party in the greenhouse of Smith's Acres.....SO COOL!! Surrounded by the inspiration of gorgeous flowers and greenery, we painted the ever so popular sunflower! It was a great group, who were whooping it up with wine and paints!! Lots of talent "blooming" in that greenhouse!!! Thank you to Terry S. at Smith's Acres for letting us paint in such a cool space, and thank you to Kelly H. for organizing the event!!

AuthorBarbara Duerr