July 30, 2014-This is the time of year that most people are spending time at the beach, having barbeques and bonfires at night,enjoying the beautiful summer weather outside. So, it's a slow time of year for my kind of gig, where I hope people will abandon their outdoor activities and join me inside. I mean, the summer is ticking away quickly, so why would anyone sacrifice their dwindling summertime to be indoors? Because it's straight up FUN! And anything that involves wine can't be all that bad, right? Anyway,none was a better example than last night at the Lyme Tavern where a great group of girls left the beach behind to join me inside to paint. Thanks to Kif for mustering up a great crowd. The Tulips are always fun to paint, but this was truly a talented group! And as per usual, everyone's paintings were a little different. My favorite part of the night is always when the artists step away from their work, admire their paintings from afar and then walk around marveling at the differences and special personal touches that everyone has put into their painting!Thanks to Jordan for your help! Couldn't do it without you! So, look forward to our upcoming events! THANKS TO ALL WHO JOINED US!!!


P.S. What would you like to paint next? I'm looking for suggestions for the blank canvas that is sitting on my easel........

AuthorBarbara Duerr